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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In November

Doug and I will celebrate 15 years of marriage.

And our niece's second birthday.

We will exercise our right and privilege to vote in next week's election.

And celebrate Thanksgiving with our family,

realizing just how truly blessed we are.

We will honor Veterans.

Watch a parade or two.

And learn about helping others 

through the school's community food drive.

We will pack shoe boxes for kids all over the world

so they can have a blessed Christmas.

And so they can learn about how much Jesus loves them.

I love the month of November.

This is how the first of November started here in Pennsylvania ...
November 1 foggy morning
Photo of the day - November 1 - ISO 200, f/9, 1/160s, 18-55mm lens on Nikon D40 
(added a layer of light purple to add to the mystery - mouse over to see original version before the purple layer was added)
Woke up to a very foggy morning ... outside as well as in my head as this cold has gotten the better of me.  
This tree is in my neighbor's yard.  I absolutely love it.  But since I can't have it, I will at least photograph it.  :)

Live, Love, TRAVEL    Scattered Horizons     

The above photo was selected as one of the Top 3 for Tones on Tuesday and one of the Top 5 in Shoot. Edit. Submit.!
Scattered Horizons     

But the fog lifted and the sun shone brightly all day ...

 and we ended the day like this ...
November 1 sunset
And being out in the fresh air for a while this evening taking photos seems to have helped me feel better also.

Hope you had a great first of November!


Anonymous said...

These are both gorgeous. YAY for you anniversary this month. The 24th is our dating anniversary. 10 years.

Unknown said...

The first photo original is stunning, but I love the mystery you added with the edit. And the color in the section photo is beautiful. Thank you for sharing! I have a link up for altered tone photos (sepia, black and white, etc) that I would love if you joined!

Laura said...

Both of these photos are stunning!!

Please give me a heads up on the parades as I always seem to forget they are coming up.

Katie said...

Incredible photos! And sounds like a great November is in store :)

Susan said...

Happy Anniversary month! Love that first tree in the fog, it is gorgeous!

Jaymi said...

wow, I LOVE that first shot. It looks like its straight out of a ghost story! The fog is awesome! Very cool!

Pat said...

Lovely foggy image!

Unknown said...

So glad you linked up with Tones on Tuesday Kimberly!

Teachinfourth said...

I can't tell you just how much I love that top photo. Rock it.